Respite Worker/Homemaker

Respite Worker/Homemaker

Aitkin County CARE, Inc. Respite Worker/Homemaker Job Description


The Respite Worker/Homemaker provides personal and home care, companionship, and a safe environment that allows the caregiver a break or “respite” from the responsibilities of caregiving, as well as relieving caregiver burden.


 Provide a safe and nurturing environment while treating the client/caregiver with dignity and respect; provide a caring approach to client needs Provide socialization through conversation, reading, playing games, and encouraging participation in hobbies of interest to the care receiver Prepare meals as needed including purchasing groceries, meal prep and clean-up. Perform housekeeping duties per caregiver/client needs as outlined in the care plan Provide personal care, medication supervision and address other needs as requested by caregiver and agreed upon with family and

Care Consultant

Respect confidentiality of caregiver and care receiver Respect family traditions and cultural values of the caregiver and care receiver Comply with program policies and procedures of Care for the Caregiver and Homemaker Programs

Skills and Qualifications:

Must be available to work, at minimum, 6-10 hours a week. Understands and is sensitive to the needs of the care receivers Understands and is accepting of people from multi-cultural and diverse family backgrounds and from all economic status levels Have good written and oral communication skills and excellent listening skills Personal qualifications should include: dependable, reliable, people-oriented, flexible, possess maturity, calmness, empathy, tolerance, a sense of humor, and ability to maintain confidentiality Have a valid drivers’ license, good driving record and proof of automobile insurance Training: Mandatory attendance at staff meetings. Orientation and ongoing training will be provided Benefits: Opportunity to serve as a part of a team Opportunity to provide a critical service to seniors within our community Aitkin County CARE Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

Our Mission:

To enhance and promote the independence, dignity, value, and well-being and of older and disabled adults and those who care for them.
Updated: 10/18/18

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